Updated Patient Attendance Procedure

We are delighted that Covid 19 restrictions have been lifted but Coronavirus is still in circulation and certain precautions are still in place for dental settings.

Please help by adhering to our procedures. Whilst the public are not required to self – isolate if they test positive for Covid 19, healthcare workers are not allowed to attend work if they test positive even if they are symptom free and feel well. To prevent staff from picking up Covid 19 and having to remain off work, leading to cancelled appointments, we need to reduce the risk of infection to staff and patients. Please adhere to our procedures so that we can continue to provide clinical services with minimal disruption.

Medical History and Consent Forms.

If you are attending for your first assessment appointment or a review appointment, then you need to complete and submit an electronic Medical History before attending the appointment.

You can access this form by clicking on the following link – MEDICAL HISTORY FORM.Please do this straight away as this is important.

If you have been sent consent forms, please return them promptly.


  • Please feel free to enter the practice and report to reception.
  • Please wear a mask and use the hand sanitiser on entering the building.
  • Both masks and hand sanitiser are located inside the front door.
  • We still need to operate some distancing within our waiting areas. This means that if the waiting room gets too busy, we may ask you to wait in your car/outside.
  • Please do not bring friends/siblings/partners with you so we can keep the waiting area less busy – attend alone where possible.
  • If someone is with you, please ask them to stay in the car if possible.
  • Any parents/anyone else accompanying a patient shall only be asked into the treatment rooms when absolutely necessary e.g. first appointments and reviews. For all other appointments, accompanying persons are to remain in the waiting area.
  • Please use the toilet before attending the practice so as to minimise use of our toilet facilities. If you wish to brush your teeth then do so before attending the practice.
  • Please attend on time – if you are late, we may not be able to see you.


  • You shall be asked some COVID-19 screening questions – we realise these questions are repetitive but please be patient as we need to follow procedure.
  • If we appear short staffed, please bear in mind that this is due to isolation rules for healthcare staff

Finally, please do not be sarcastic or rude to the staff – there is zero tolerance of this.

We are here to help and are dealing with the fallout resulting from almost 2 years of severely restricted working.

We look forward to seeing you and getting back on track.

Thank you.
The Redcliffe Orthodontics Team