COVID-19: Important Surgery Update

In order to be seen you must read the notice below and click on the links to read the
Current Patient Attendance Procedure and Update on NHS Orthodontics.

We are currently seeing a limited number of patients a day. Although our safety measures and relevant procedures are now in place, COVID-19 restrictions mean that we can only see around a third of the number of patients we used to see in a day. This means that not all types of appointments are available as yet. If your type of appointment is one that is not being undertaken at this stage, we shall not be in contact as yet. Please read the Update on NHS Orthodontics below for the latest information on the types of appointments currently being provided.

If you have an appointment, please read theĀ Current Patient Attendance Procedure. You must also send us the Medical History form as directed in the procedure.

We are still operating a telephone advice service. Please call the practice and follow the instructions if you require any help or advice, or email

Thank you for your understanding and patience, now please read:

The Redcliffe Orthodontics Team