Surgery Update

Please read the important notice below and click on the links to read the
Updated Patient Attendance Procedure and Update on NHS Orthodontics.

We are delighted that Covid 19 restrictions have been lifted but Coronavirus is still in circulation and precautions are still in place for dental settings.

Although the situation is now much improved, enhanced infection prevention control measures require certain restrictions to remain in place; this reduces the daily number of patients seen.

NHS waiting lists have been damaged beyond repair and this means longer waiting times. Although we are working as hard and as quickly as we can, we have the same resources and the same number of hours in the day.

Please click on and read the Update on NHS Orthodontics below for the latest information on NHS Orthodontic Treatment.

If you have an appointment, please read the Updated Patient Attendance Procedure.

Please help by adhering to our procedures. Whilst the public are not required to self -isolate if they test positive for Covid 19, healthcare workers are not allowed to attend work if they test positive even if they are symptom free and feel well. To prevent staff from picking up Covid 19 and having to remain off work hence leading to cancelled appointments, we need to minimise risk of infection. Please adhere to our procedures so that we can continue to provide clinical services with minimal disruption.

Finally, please do not be sarcastic or rude to the staff – there is zero tolerance of this.

We are here to help and are dealing with the fallout resulting from almost 2 years of severely restricted working.

If you require any help or advice, please email

Thank you for your understanding and patience, now please read:

The Redcliffe Orthodontics Team